Monday, June 11, 2012

Girls Trip {Monterey}

Late last week my Aunt flew into town and the four of us (my aunt, my mom, Claire and I) had a little girls getaway to Monterey! My Aunt always wants to go to the beach when she visits, so it was a great excuse to make it a nice long weekend!

Upon arriving in Monterey we checked in to our hotel and took a walk to the water, where Claire got her first taste of the ocean! She seemed to love it, even the sand which I wasn't sure she would (a girl after my own heart!)! What a precious blessing to be able to experience such simple things for the first time with my daughter! Seeing the world through her innocent eyes is so amazing!

{Look how light her hair is getting!}

{Helping my girl get her first feel of the sand}

{Toes in the sand-nothing better!}

After getting a small taste of the sea we indulged in a lovely dinner; Lobster pasta for me, plus a stunning view of the water (and Claire decided to take her late nap and slept through the whole meal):
 {I love Monterey}

Later that evening Claire joined the girls for a dip in the hotel's heated pool. It didn't last long as the breeze outside made it a bit colder than any of us could handle, so we went back to our room, turned on the fireplace and Claire got a nice long bath inside. What a life this little girl leads!

{Silly girl has her swim diaper on her head}

Friday morning we drove to San Simeon for a tour of Hearst Castle, as my Aunt had never been. The drive alone is worth your time! Highway 1 is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest drives I've ever taken.

This was my third time touring Hearst Castle, but definitely my favorite so far! A large part of it is probably my new found appreciation for the magnificent gardens (something I could care less about when I was 7 and 13). After our tour of the grand rooms in the castle, they allow you to walk the gardens at your leisure. As we're in the midst of landscaping our house, I was really inspired at the beautiful oasis they have created! If you've never been, I would highly recommend the trip if you're ever nearby. It really is something special!

{Stopping to smell the roses}

{Sign me up for a pool party here!!}

{Just outside one of the guest houses with a magnificent view of the coast}

Driving back on Hwy 1 we stopped at a few lookouts to admire this incredible scenery:

Amazing, right?! 
 Our last stop for the evening was in Carmel, where we got a bite for dinner and took a walk along the beach.

{Hello, white sandy beaches}

{Claire and I left our name in Carmel}

What an incredible few days to bond with the girls!

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Faith said...

Your pictures are incredible! Such beauty!

Claire is the cutest! I love seeing her in skinny jeans, adorable!

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