Thursday, June 7, 2012

{Sweet Finds}

Tis' the season for garage sales and antiquing! We're only one week into June and yet we've already scored some great deals over the past few weeks! 

 Recently painted and re-covered bench $10
Our first garage sale Saturday of the season left us with this lovely addition to our bedroom! I even thought Chris was going to need to haggle for a deal, but when it was marked at such a great price, we decided to snag it as priced.

Antique kitchen scale $24
Exactly the piece I've been looking for to add some vintage flair to our breakfast nook. Found at a cute vintage shop inside a local nursery.

Over-sized Mason jar $9.96
After borrowing one just like it from a friend for my baby shower, I was determined to get my own awesomely large Ball mason jar! After scouring Ebay and finding a few with outrageous shipping, my mom stumbled upon this one at an unlikely place: Walmart!  Who knew? While not exactly a garage sale or antique find, it's equally thrilling to happen upon that exact item you've been dying to find!

How about you, find any awesome deals lately? I love hearing about great finds!

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