Saturday, July 14, 2012

Claire Elizabeth {8 Months}

This month was a little difficult to get many still shots of our girl...

Because most of our photo shoot consisted of our wiggle worm doing this...

 {Ha! She is definitely moving everywhere and interested in everything these days!!!}

Happy eight months, Sweet Pea! This last month was generous to us, it brought us two teeth, an independent stander, your first haircut and quite the adventurous eater! To be honest, eight months really snuck up on us!

So let's re-cap this past few weeks:

We started out month seven celebrating Father's Day, when you decided to start saying 'Mama'! Silly girl. Your vocabulary is now quite expansive with the regular, mama, dada, nana, baba, fafa and lalas (and many interesting combinations of them all). Of course there is also that hilarious fake cough you bust out every now and then.

You are more mobile than I imagined a baby could be without actually crawling, although the past few days you crawl a few steps before face planting. But you certainly know how to get where you want with a combination of rolling, scooting, backward "crawling" and this new pivot maneuver you do with one leg straight out to the side. I'll give it to you, you are one determined little girl and it's made our new motto: Don't blink!

All that maneuvering has brought a new skill in pulling yourself up to a standing position. Yikes, the first time you did it was in your crib, which almost gave Mama a heart attack! Needless to say, Daddy lowered your crib shortly after. Your stability is still a bit wobbly once you're up, but it's getting better every day! And just to be safe, we have begun to baby proof the house.

As far as solids are concerned, after a few weeks in, your daddy and I were so intrigued with your desire to feed yourself that we decided to give Baby-led weaning a try (after reading this) and have been so happy with the decision! Your instincts and ability to handle food on your own are remarkable! And it makes so much sense to include you in our family meals, something you are positively delighted about! So far, there isn't a food you won't try and the selection we've offered you is pretty expansive. I love how adventurous you are and hope that it instills positive eating habits for the future! And it doesn't hurt that you are getting to experience the freshest Summer fare, your favorite is definitely all stone fruit. Abby also thanks you for the food that misses your mouth and lands on the floor :)

We experienced a few fun firsts this month including: your first pony tail, staying in the church nursery, your first hair cut and a visit to the zoo! Putting you in the nursery wasn't really planned because we didn't intend on leaving you until you were closer to a year, but you are just so active and squirmy that we thought it would be best if you were in a place you could move around and talk without us being distracted in service. I think it was best for all of us! And we visited the zoo while we were in Oklahoma City last week. It was hot and Mommy definitely underestimated the humidity, but the hour and a half we spent there was fun. Though we'll definitely have to go back in the next few months!

You are as happy as ever and still love anyone you meet! The only time you've really experienced any "mommy anxiety" is when you're really tired and want the comfort of being in my arms (something I never tire of). And at only eight months you already ham it up for the camera and have even been caught recently leaning in and smiling for a photo! My goodness I love you so much!!

On a sad note, one of our favorite play dates just moved to Georgia. We will miss Ashley and Makenna so much! You girls really hit it off and played together so well. Hopefully they visit soon and fingers crossed you will be at each others first birthday parties!

Sweet girl, you are just a bundle of joy! We never dreamed that parenthood could be so amazing! Our love for you knows no bounds, as you continue to fill our hearts beyond what we could ever comprehend!

All my love, Mama

{Spa day in Indian Springs with both Grandmas and Aunt C}

{Fathers Day 2012}

{My little practicing yogi}

{One of our last play dates with Makenna}

{First haircut with Auntie Whit}

{4th of July with the Barkers}

{Teaching Claire to drum}

{At the zoo in Oklahoma City}

{Checking out the pigs}

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Missy said...

awww how precious are these photos! my favorite dress is the plaid one with the white sandals! she is so stinkin' cute!

you look radiant and chris looks so happy - like you guys are really loving being parents!! :-D

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