Monday, July 23, 2012

{Claire Lately...}

These past several weeks Claire's 1st birthday seems to be inching closer and closer and before our eyes our sweet baby is becoming a beautiful, intelligent, amazing little girl! She is so independent, yet such a cuddle bug. She is a pure delight and we are beaming with pride to be the parents of such a precious, incredible little darling!

Here's a little look at what Claire's been up to lately...

{Baby Girl's 8 month birthday and she got to taste her first Pinkberry!}
 {Trying to conquer the straw so she can start enjoying smoothies with mommy}

{Loving the outdoors and discovering new things}

{Hmm, plotting her escape?}

{Mommy's favorite kitchen helper}

{Will crawl for coffee!}

{Our little genius learning to use the spoon}

{Claire's 1st State Fair (outside the womb)}

{Our proud little crawler, making her way around the house like a champ (and giggling the whole time)!}
{Chomping away at corn on the cob}

She is definitely growing up too fast, but we're enjoying each precious moment with our little girl!

Sweet Girl, we love you to the moon & back (a million times over)!


Missy said...

hhahaha so cute!

so did she like the pinkberry?

those pink overalls are adorable!

At Home with the Hansens said...

Oh, she loved it! But really, how could she not?!

Thanks, I love them too! They have a fun vintage feel :-)

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