Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{30 by 30}

I've been seeing these lists all over blog land and decided it was time to make my own; thirty things I would like to accomplish before I turn thirty. That's 3 years and 8 months to pair down this list.

Surprisingly, this came together much quicker than I expected. Apparently I've had a lot of things mulling around in my head for awhile. It's about time I put them to paper :)

I'm excited! Here goes...

1. Add two more kiddos to our family
2. Visit my sister and her sweet family in Florida
3. Read through the entire bible
4. Finish our backyard
5. Completely remodel our master bathroom
6. At least have tentative plans and savings started to visit Europe with my husband
7. Complete a triathlon
8. Go on a cruise
9. Take our kids to Disneyland
10. Finally convince my husband to watch The Sound of Music with me
11. Master the art of cocktail making
12. Attend a TSO concert
13. Get a 2nd tattoo with my hubby
14. Take a weekend trip to Santa Barbara
15. Try a new sport (maybe skiing!)
16. Buy a chess board
17. Visit at least one major flea market in the country
18. Get my Etsy shop up and running again
19. Put on a tea party for Claire
20. Host a Halloween party
21. Volunteer more!
22. Go through another Beth Moore study
23. Upgrade to a cal king bed
24. Wake my family up early and watch the sunrise somewhere special
25. Take a weekend to be completely technology free!
26. Read every one of Charlotte Bronte's books
27. Take a specialty cooking class
28. Go back to the spot we became husband and wife
29. Seriously look into becoming a Bradley birthing instructor
30. Learn to use power tools (inside joke there)

Contrary to feeling overwhelmed, I'm feeling so inspired! After all, what's life without a few goals, right?
Anyone else have a bucket list of sorts? I would love to hear some of your aspirations!


Unknown said...

I love this idea! I wish it was a 3 instead of a 4 that I am getting closer You have inspired me as you usually do, to make a list for myself!

Brad Hill said...

How about we trade a double-date The Sound of Music for a double-date River Cats game or something?

At Home with the Hansens said...

@Brad-I'm totally down with that! Now just to convince your buddy. I'll leave that to you ;)

Missy said...

what a great list! i'm totally making one. :-D thanks for inspiration!

p.s. these would all make good blog posts lol :-D

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