Monday, August 6, 2012

{A Royal Weekend}

This weekend Claire had her first encounter with not one, but two princesses! Thanks to the First Friday at the Fountains happening all summer long, she got to meet Cinderella and Ariel before even visiting Disneyland. It was such a fun family event and we're looking forward to it next month!

{Our little princess's first picture with Cinderella!}

{Claire & Ariel}

{Two silly peas in a pod waiting in line}

{Claire with Grandma & Grandpa}

{Claire & Aunt Judy}

And since my cousin and his fiance are in town, we drove to Lake Tahoe on Saturday for lunch and a hike at Emerald Bay.

{A beautiful afternoon at Sunnyside Resort}

{Our lunch view}

{Emerald Bay - Lake Tahoe}

{Fun reminder - this was Claire and me at Emerald Bay last year!}

{At the bottom of our hike. An overcast day made for a gorgeous skyline}

The makings of yet another fun weekend! Happy Monday!


Missy said...

how cute! that's neat that those princesses come there!!!!

claire looks just like daddy!

At Home with the Hansens said...

Isn't that cool?!! And they're so beautiful and authentic looking :) Next month Belle and Sleeping Beauty will be there :)

Faith said...

So cute! Love the pictures!

Claire is the cutest!

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