Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Claire Elizabeth {9 Months}

Happy nine months of life, my Darling! I am having a hard time believing that you have now been out of my belly as long as you were inside. In my mind, nine months was a huge milestone and now here we are. Where does the time go? You are a mere three months away from turning one and yet it feels like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital.

What can I say except that you are now officially crawling and are seriously giving me a run for my money! The combination of your energy, curiosity, fearlessness and ability to get anywhere {in .2 seconds} leaves me exhausted at the end of each day. But I seriously wouldn't have it any other way! Of course, this new stage has shown us even more of your personality. You are adventurous and you know what you want. And you definitely do not scare easily. Example: Mommy saying "No" in a stern voice brings you into a serious laughing fit - oy vey! I've tried all different variations of, "No", "Ah ah", clapping, anything that might startle you from say, putting a phone charger in your mouth, but to no avail. We've got to keep our eyes on you, child!

Something I deeply enjoy is the impression you make on everyone you meet! You have such a sweet, happy disposition that everyone stops and plays with you, whether it be in Home Depot, Target or grocery store, you are always making new friends. I love this about you!

And probably my favorite is your hearty, infectious giggle! It has the amazing power to make everything right in the world and can always put a smile on our face. And we can pretty much get it out of you by simply giving you a little tickle (you love being tickled), making silly noises or chomping on your little toes. Claire, you truly are a bringer of joy!

Exciting this month was you learning how to drink from a straw! I am probably more excited than most moms about this, but I love that we've now added green smoothies to your diet! So far, you've sucked down every one I put in front of you. {That's my girl!} You are still an excellent eater and will try everything we give you. Though with all the exercise you get now, you are definitely trimming out and have held 22 lbs for a couple of months now!

Aside from some painful teething lately, this month has been incredibly fun! We got to meet a few Disney princesses, had your first camping trip, spent time with your little aunts and uncles and overall have really enjoyed the summer! You're getting the hang of waving 'hi' and 'bye' and will pretty consistently kiss on demand. And I'm almost scared to admit that you've been taking assisted steps for a few weeks now, as I'm not ready for you to be that independent yet! Though, when you're ready to walk, we're ready for the new challenge :)

Claire Elizabeth, you are our sweetest earthly gift and we feel undoubtedly blessed to be your parents! We love you to the moon, Princess!

All my love, Mama

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Missy said...

oh my goodness she is looking more and more like daddy every day! esp her eyes and her smile! so cute :-)

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