Tuesday, August 21, 2012

{The Nursery: Closet Makeover}

One of my favorite aspects of Claire's nursery is the massive closet. I mean, how many 9-month old's do you know with their very own walk-in? Not only does it easily accommodate her generous wardrobe, but since we first transformed the room, I've pictured her own little space in there. I've had all sorts of ideas, from a reading nook, to a play area, to a place to play dress-up! I also envision her making forts in there with her siblings one day :) The possibilities are endless and I really wanted to maximize the space.

A few weeks ago as I was packing away the clothes she's outgrown, I decided it was time to make the upgrade. Ultimately, we decided that our biggest need right now was a place to put Claire's toys and a cozy nook to read with her. So we popped on over to Ikea and grabbed a few bins for her smaller toys, a small carpet square for texture and a pop of color, a reading chair (for when she gets older) and of course, these toys I talked about!

And then there was the matter of book shelves I wanted to build to easily store most of her book collection. I found a quick and easy tutorial and my hubby went out and purchased the materials. But then something happened...we made another quick trip to Ikea last weekend and discovered they had basically the exact same ledge-like shelves he was going to make. For only $10 each! (check them out!) Now friends, we are diy-ers all the way, but when you can find, for all functioning purposes, the same thing pre-made for cheaper than you can build it, sometimes it's just worth it! And since we knew our time was limited, we decided that Ikea's shelves were the route to go.

I feel like the shelves really made the most of our space and provided much-needed storage without taking up precious floor space. And the best part, the whole transformation was pretty inexpensive and will easily accommodate any updates as she gets bigger!

Come and take a peek inside Claire's new reading nook/playroom!

Her toys now have a home that isn't the living room or hallway- Yay!!

I've been storing these pillows for a while, knowing they would come in handy at some point! In the future I may sew some new pillow covers, but for now they are perfect for snuggling up and reading to my girl!

I was a little concerned about the height of the bottom shelf as Claire will pull herself up on anything within reach. So hubby made sure to install the extra heavy duty anchors so they wouldn't come out if she used them for standing support (which she already has!).

I love how easily accessible and visible her books are now!

This is where we spend a lot of our indoor playtime these days!

She seems to love her new space :)

Wouldn't you want to play and read here?!


Faith said...

is it bad that i want her closet?! it is the perfect closet for a little one. i absolutely love it and really love that she even has a library in there. it's perfect!

Missy said...

i would definitely want to read and play there! lol.

i totally agree with you on the DIY stuff. i love to DIY but if i can find it for cheap i also like just buying things LOL. especially because there is limited space for DIY-ing in an apartment.

Nursery mk7 said...

It is a very nice idea to design the closet according to the child's' age choice, and requirement. The idea of small library inside the room in very nice. I think for small kids it is an innovative thing to include both play room n library at one place.

Lovemommyof2 said...

Love it! Bookshelf idea is GENIUS!

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