Wednesday, August 8, 2012

{Tunnel Vision}

Now that Claire is crawling all over the place and standing on everything, Chris and I thought it was time to get some new toys for our big girl.

When it comes to our parenting style, we really want Claire to embrace her imagination in such a technology-crazed world. After all, we aren't big on TV, love the outdoors and want to foster those habits in her, too! And so, the toys we give her are suited for that purpose.

A few weekends ago, we took a trip to Ikea and bought several of their awesome wooden toys, a walker/wagon and a mesh tunnel. First of all, I love and appreciate how inexpensive everything is, especially when compared to very similar items elsewhere! And secondly, they are a huge hit with our daughter!

I've been especially pleased with the mesh tunnel we purchased. It may be the best $15 we've spent lately! Our girl loves to crawl back and forth through it, stop in the middle and peek around to see me when I'm on the opposite side of her. It's hilarious and provides us all tons of entertainment! The past week or so it's become our morning routine to pop open the tunnel and begin our day crawling around in our pjs. It's the best!

And a huge perk - it folds right up and stores easily away. Thank you Ikea, for awesome products that are also budget-friendly!

I took these photos the first day we got it. At first she was a bit skeptical and would only get a few steps in before backing herself out, but now she has become a seasoned pro at blasting from one side to the other (and back again and again!). I love her sweet curiosity!


Missy said...

lol super cute!!!! that's good to know about Ikea - i usually blow by those kid sections so i've never noticed the stuff they have!

Brad Hill said...

I request video!

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