Friday, September 14, 2012

Claire Elizabeth {10 Months}

Ten months already? How can it be?! Two months away from your first birthday and I cannot believe how quickly it's gone by. I am truly in awe of the wonderful, independent, capable little person you have become and I'm ready for it to slow down, little one!

My dearest Claire, you have us so wrapped around your finger; we are completely and totally smitten with you! You have become a certified Mama's girl, something I wasn't really expecting, though I'm definitely not complaining! When you wake up in the morning, it melts my heart that the first thing you do is stand up and call out for "Mama". I'm guessing that this will change in a few years and your daddy will be your #1, so I'm soaking it all in for the moment.

One thing is for sure, you are our little wild child! You're sassy and you know what you want. It's been a hoot for us to see which personality traits you've already inherited from Mama and Daddy; definitely my determination and chatty nature and without a doubt, your Daddy's ability to make people laugh. And oh my, do you know how to work your audience! Between your silly faces, goofy antics and your own infectious laugh, it's hard to get anything done around here! (in fact, as I write this you, and your grandma are literally rolling on the floor laughing!)

This past month has given us a chance to see just how wonderful you are with other kids (something I look forward to seeing with your future siblings). Thanks to frequent play dates, we've already seen this, but since starting gymnastics lats month and meeting several new buddies recently, we are convinced you are going to be little miss social in school! You are genuinely friendly and dare I say, a little bit of a flirt. (I have caught you kissing 3 different boys already!) Your social skills make you such a happy presence everywhere, which is a huge blessing!

And aside from climbing on everything and constantly testing your physical limits, you have also been testing Mama's endurance. How you can so quickly go from sitting on the floor to standing on something you shouldn't be is nothing short of magic! You are quick and capable of creating your own little tornadoes if we're not careful! And true to babies nature, you only want things you shouldn't have and have a way of finding the only things that aren't yet Claire-proofed!

Your first cold came and went last week, but you handled it like such a champ. And while it broke my heart to see you so congested and uncomfortable, I'm thankful that it was short-lived. You are also on the brink of getting both of your top teeth! Though thankfully, they haven't seemed to be bothering you either. You are one tough cookie!

This month has brought many fun plans for your first birthday party and we are joyfully looking forward to celebrating YOU with so many who adore you! Baby Girl, you have blossomed so beautifully and we thank God each and every day for allowing us the privilege of parenting you. You are such a precious gift to us!

Happy ten months, Sweet Pea!

All my love,


Missy said...

i lvoe the tutu!!!!!!!!

Taryn said...

Dear Hansens,
I would watermark your pictures. I just google image searched a picture that somebody had posted on saying it was their child. It was indeed YOUR child. I just though it was important that you know.

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