Sunday, October 14, 2012

Claire Elizabeth {11 Months}

Happy 11 months, Princess! Somehow we blinked and you have become a beautiful, playful, amazing almost-one-year old! We are grateful and joyfully overwhelmed by these last 11 months, yet it is so bittersweet to realize that your baby-ness is a faint memory. Darling girl, you are such a joyful presence to our family and we cannot imagine life without you!

As we have watched you grow into the sweet little lady that you are today, we have become keenly aware of what we have to look forward to; You are absolutely bursting with personality, charm and humor. You make us laugh and smile daily. You are completely fearless and confident in your abilities (even those you haven't fully mastered yet!) You are a fireball who will likely give us a run for our money this next year (and the many to come). You are the perfect combination of girly princess and care-free tomboy (something I love!) You are happy, curious and so loving!

This past month held many exciting things, including your first trip to Disney World! We traveled with you and your Grandma and Grandpa to Florida where you got to meet your Auntie Theresa, Uncle Matt and cousins, Matthew and Taylor! You also got to meet Mommy and Daddy's college friend, Rebecca!

Disney World was was such an amazing thing to experience with you and see through your eyes! You are so excitable and curious about your surroundings and you love to wave, clap, throw both hands up in the air, all things we saw a lot of while we were there :)

Some of your favorite things these days are phones, glasses and stairs; naturally, all things you shouldn't be playing with! You love to read and welcome getting dirty. You're currently rocking four teeth, which have made your adventurous eating skills even more fun for you! You are not yet a walker, but can cruise around furniture and people like it's nobody's business and are toying with standing independently!

As we embrace this last month of your first year, we continue to pray constantly that we will be parents who raise you with grace, truth and unconditional love. We love you, Claire Elizabeth, all the way up to the moon...and BACK!

All my love,

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