Friday, October 26, 2012

{The Journey}

Earlier this week I began to really reflect on these past several months. As I started looking at how many changes we've faced recently, I suddenly became deeply thankful for our journey. I am grateful for the unexpected twists and turns and happy to be where we're at today. I think for the first time in my life I am finally starting to let go of my need to plan out every detail of life.

Four years ago, as newlyweds in our first apartment, Chris and I had a conversation about where we saw ourselves in a few years. I never would have dreamed that today Chris would be working from home and writing about football full-time, that I would have the privilege of being a full-time mommy, that we would own a home and that we would be surviving as a one-car family! The doors that have opened and the opportunities presented to us have brought us to a place I couldn't have imagined. All this to say that where we are today has not come without some major flexibility, trust and letting go of previous expectations and plans we had for our life.

I realize that I haven't shared too much detail about how radically our life has changed over these past several months, so for those who don't already know, here's a little glimpse into our life lately. In the early spring, after working about six weeks as a part-time featured writer for Bleacher Report (in addition to his full-time job at BofA), Chris was offered a full-time position covering the AFC West. While extremely exciting, that was a huge decision for us to make and one we prayed long and hard about. In fact, it took us a few months to actually accept, because while it was the dream opportunity he had been waiting for, there was a lot for our family to consider, both financially and otherwise. We believed the Lord was leading us to accept and took a big leap of faith that He would provide for us.

Shortly after Chris quit his job at Bank of America and started writing full-time, he began looking for other writing opportunities on the side and in the midst of searching, an awesome opportunity presented itself for me! I applied as a local brand ambassador for Happy Family and was offered the position! It is a part-time position where I work from home, on my schedule and I am promoting a brand that I already know and trust with Claire! It's been such a wonderful fit for us and I am really enjoying learning my new responsibilities, as well as the flexibility to be a mom first!

I am amazed at the ways God has provided and excited to see what else He has in store! I can't tell you with complete certainty exactly where we'll live or the jobs we'll have in 5, 10, 20 years and that's okay. I am learning that "knowing" is a bit overrated!

In my reflecting the other day I considered what we could have missed out on if we had let fear of the unknown or our prior plans lead our decisions. To think about the wonderful opportunities we could have missed!

These last few years have been full of great victories and painful trials, yet they have built character and taught us to love one another better. And while we will still make plans for the future, I think we will hold them a bit more loosely. I'm learning that holding too tightly to our plans can limit what the Lord can do through us and I certainly want to experience all He has in store! So here's to the future, to the unknown and to the exciting adventures ahead, whatever they may be!


Missy said...

awesome! congratulations :) can't wait to hear more about it :)

the fear of the unknown is a powerful thing to overcome!

At Home with the Hansens said...

Thank you, Missy!!

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