Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{Instaproof: I DO Still Cook!}

Well, hello! How have you been, friends. Bet you'd about given up on me. Though if you're reading this, you obviously haven't removed me from your blog feed, or you saw this link on Facebook and probably did a double-take.  I certainly have much to share (hint: house renovations!), but let's start slow shall we ;)

Today, the girl and I are going on day five of a gnarly cold. And so, I am lying in bed with her, snuggling in and trying to stay as warm and comfortable as possible until we're feeling ourselves one again.

To pass some time, since I can only sleep so much, I began purging my phone of some old pictures and came across more than a few food pictures that I've posted to Instagram. Hello, I'm Kate and I'm an Instagram junkie. But I digress. As I kept scrolling through these pics, two things occured to me:

1) I snap A LOT of food pics! and 2) I really need to start blogging again because otherwise, these great new recipes go forgotten (ahem, Mommy brain...) and I completely lose track of things I've tried, where I found them, etc.

So I suppose this is as good a reason as any to actually fire up these old blogging skills. And to that I say, welcome back Self!

I told you, Instagram junkie...!

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