Thursday, February 14, 2013

Claire Elizabeth {15 Months}


These past few months have been such an incredible joy and have undeniably flown by far too quickly! Claire has undoubtedly grown and developed in leaps and bounds since her first birthday a mere three months ago. Just after her birthday those casual steps became full-on walking and she is now on the go all. the. time! To Claire, the world is one giant jungle gym, meant solely for her to explore. Walking has opened up all new possibilities for our little one from where she gets to play at the park (hello, slides!) to discovering every single nook and cranny of our home. We've certainly got ourselves an adventurous and determined little cutie who is vastly aware of her surroundings!

We are still enjoying our weekly gymnastics class and incredibly proud of how she engages with the teacher and other kids in her class and recently, I've really noticed her bringing the things she's learning home with her. Mainly the signs they practice in class. Around 13 months, I noticed Claire suddenly began responding to several signs we'd been practicing, most notably: more, again, help, all done, eat, please and a few specific food signs. Signing is so helpful for her to be able to communicate with us, especially since, as much as she babbles all day long, she really doesn't say many words yet.

Our girl has definitely become my little "helper" in the kitchen and is always leaving me little surprises in the most obscure places. But what mom doesn't love finding a teddy bear in the bath tub or a puppy on her nightstand?! They serve as such sweet reminders of her innocence! Watching our girl learn new things each day is nothing short of a privilege. I am amazed by the fact that she knows each of her stuffed animals by name and will seek each of them out when asked and will lift up her shirt and point when we ask where her bellybutton is located and gets a kick out of pointing ours out as well. She is a wonderful sharer (highly encouraging for our next child) and such a love bug!! My absolute favorite moments are when she leans in to plant a wet kiss right on my lips and when she wraps her arms around my neck and squeezes me tight. Nothing melts my heart quite like those moments and absolutely nothing makes me ever so grateful to be a mommy!

And of course, she is our child so she loves to laugh and make others laugh, too! When she's tired and trying to fight sleep, she will start fake laughing just to hear us laugh, which of course, turns into an all-out giggle fest (nicely played, Claire;). Her obsession with phones is at an all-time high and recently she makes a game out of putting my phone (or anything remotely resembling a phone) up to her ear and saying "hi" over and over and over. Ha, silly, silly girl! And I simply cannot forget Claire's obsession with dancing! Most days include a mini-dance party where little Missy gets her groove on (cutest thing ever!!)

She is still an awesome eater and currently chomping with eleven teeth, including those that have just popped through! Her current favorite foods include: yogurt, waffles, veggie straws, pasta, cheese sticks, edamame, blueberries and pretty much any fruit and vegetable we put in front of her. And she has gotten quite efficient at using a fork and spoon to feed herself. We are still nursing 2-3 times a day and it's not looking like she's ready to give those sessions up any time soon, which is okay with me :) And we're pretty certain that she's going to be a lefty, given the way she primarily eats and favors her left hand for all tasks.

All in all, these past few months have been a blast, especially since they included her first holidays where she was aware of what was going on around her and fully able to take part in the festivities! A few weeks ago both of our families joined us for a day in the snow to celebrate her Daddy's birthday, where Claire got to partake in her first snow sledding experience!

Time is passing far too quickly, but we are savoring each and every day loving on our sweet, amazing girl!!

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Missy said...

such a doll :) growing so fast!

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