Friday, February 22, 2013

{Master Bedroom: The Reveal}

Early last week I shared our fabulous new headboard with you here! And might I say, Thank you so much for your sweet comments and excitement about how it turned out! That project must have really got our juices flowing because that following weekend we managed to find and refinish new nightstands we found on craigslist, upgrade from our old queen mattress to a new cal-king AND build a new platform bed! Our Master bedroom is finally done (well, for now..) and we are absolutely LOVING it!

My husband would really love to share a tutorial for the platform bed he built, as he really couldn't find anything similar to how he built ours. So I'm going to give him the spotlight on Monday to give you a nice, detailed tutorial. But for the rest of you who are just here to see pictures, stay in your seats because that's exactly what I've got for you today!

 So without further ado, our Master makeover...

Spotlighting the new gigantic fan and full-length mirror :)

And just in case you've forgotten, here are a few Before & Afters:







It took me nearly five years to figure out that while I'm not a matchy-matchy kind of gal, one thing I really appreciate in a Master bedroom is a pair of matching nightstands. Something about it just makes the room feel even to me. We couldn't be happier with the pair we found, given how tall and substantial they are since they're solid wood. When we bought them the tops were a light maple, so hubby simply sanded the tops and stained them to match the bed and headboard.


And finally, a little glimpse of our custom bed!

Thanks for indulging me with this picture purge! Hope you enjoyed and have a lovely weekend!!


Faith said...

it looks absolutely amazing! wow! inspires me to get our master look just as nice!

even your before is gorgeous but the afters are breathtaking!

Lovemommyof2 said...

Love, love, love this! I am with Faith; I loved it before but now it is breathtaking. You and Chris make an excellent team! Enjoy!

Lovemommyof2 said...

P.S. You need to come back to Florida and help me with

Jenna Andersen said...

Katie it looks Beautiful!! I am in love with the custom bed/headboard!! Good Job hubby!!

Missy said...

gorgeous! love it!

i am also a fan of matching tables lol

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